Change Plan

Price 250 USD  / month

Factur Monthly - Sustainer

Full 24/7 access to all of Factur. Plus your monthly $100 donation helps to support the Factur community and gets you entrance into our Sustainer Party.

Application and Setup Fee
25 USD

Booking Credits
  • 3d printer - Deltamaker- "Ole Red" – 25h/month included
    Rate: 0.50 USD/h
  • Laser - Epilog Fusion – 15h/month included
    Rate: 20 USD/h
  • CNC - Shopbot - Small – 15h/month included
    Rate: 20 USD/h

This plan renews automatically.

Plan start date: Jan 21

Prorated amount for January: 88.71 USD

Regular membership due: Feb 01 2018

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